DesignCreatology - A Leader in Custom Web Site Design
With over a decade of web site design and web development experience, DesignCreatology produces exceptional solutions for corporate and small business.

Benefits of a professional website include:
More conversions
Better customer retention
Professional image
Excellent usability

What makes our website better than others?
Because DesignCreatology is an integrated marketing company we are able to combine three distinct disciplines into every site we create. An IT company can build a technically sound website, a design firm can create a site that is eyecatching and a marketing or seo company can make sure visitors reach your website, but how many companies can do all three well?

We do this to our shit that go into every web site developed.

Strategy & Online Marketing
Strategy and online or search engine marketing are first and foremost. Without a proper strategy in place your marketing objectives will not be met. A cohesive plan will ensure that marketing, sales, promotion and brand strategy compliment each other seamlessly.

Graphic Design & Usability

Form always follows function but it doesn't hurt to have the best of both worlds. Our award winning web designers approach every project as a portfolio piece and an opportunity to win another award. Imagine the essence of your company being expressed with a balance of color, shape, typography and layout. By focusing on brand sensitivity and usability testing we build professional sites that compliment your company's image.

Technology & Programming

If you build it they will come does not hold true in the online world. DesignCreatology builds with bricks. Our experienced programmers choose the appropriate programming language and keep abreast of technology. Tables and bloated JavaScript are not incorporated into our web sites unless absolutely necessary.

Unlike most web design companies we develop sites that are technically sound, visually appealing, and optimized for search engines. This is critical to the performance and credibility of your site.

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