Catalog and Magazine Design
DesignCreatology has extensive catalog and magazine experience. We have produced everything from auction booklets for local non-profits to pin catalogs for the 1996 Olympic Centennial Collection.

What makes a well-designed magazine?

DesignCreatology's philosophy

Appealing magazine or catalog design will act as a powerful promotional tool for your company. Done correctly, it has the power to provide an in depth look at your company, sell and market your products, and effectively display information. A high quality catalog or magazine design will offer a variety of information with a focus on your brand identity.

What does it take to produce a magazine?

Our Experience

DesignCreatology has been designing catalogs and magazines for over a decade. Our experience can be leveraged to help you produce a final product that will appeal to your target audience. Companies we have worked with in the past include:

Let DesignCreatology help you reach out to your audience and provide you with a memorable catalog or magazine design.